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Ethical Hacking From Scratch To Expert


    Course Description The Ethical Hacking From Scratch To Expert teaches the most effective technique to understand the subject thoroughly. This course …

    12 hours, 51 minutes
    1 year
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    Course Description

    The Ethical Hacking From Scratch To Expert teaches the most effective technique to understand the subject thoroughly. This course is taught by top industry experts and academic professionals. Enrol our top online courses now for a super discounted price. Ethical Hacking Course is meticulously researched and prepared with the utmost care. All of the topics and subtopics are scientifically organised, taking into account the learner’s psychology and overall experience. All of the modules are bite-sized,  audiovisual, simple to comprehend and interactive. With a rich learning experience and pleasant customer service, Academy of Skills ensures quality and care. When you buy an online course from Academy of Skills, you get full access for 365 days and full tutor support and 24×7 customer service. Most of our skilled instructors guarantee that they will answer all of your questions and make your learning experience pleasant. Furthermore, you will receive an electronic certificate immediately after finishing the Ethical Hacking Full Course, which will assist you in obtaining work in the appropriate sector by enhancing your expertise and CV. You should select this Ethical Hacking Online Course from the best online courses platform 'Academy of Skills' if you want to learn about this topic while focusing on high-quality learning from professionals and experts. There are no hidden costs or examination fees. We are entirely transparent and honest about all of the course costs.

    Why Study This Online Course?

    This course will broaden your knowledge and add valuable skills to your resume. There are no set deadlines or instructional schedules so you can go at your own pace. You are free to study at your own speed, but to obtain the certificate; you must pass the assessment test or project. (Note: Some of our online courses do not have any MCQ examinations or assessments. We can add an assessment on request.) Our online learning platform can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, which will be used to deliver the course. The best part is that because this course is video-based, you may pause it whenever you want to take your notes.

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    Will I Receive A Certificate of Completion for Ethical Hacking From Scratch To Expert?

    Yes, after completion of this course, you will be able to request a certificate of completion from the Academy of Skills. You can order the certificate with our secure payment system. Use the link at the bottom of this page to order the Certificate. An exclusive discount is offered for pre-orders. You can request for PDF Certificate, PDF Transcript, Hardcopy Certificate and Hardcopy Transcript after successfully completing the course. We offer Free UK Shipping for all Hardcopy orders. Visit the Certificate order page ( to purchase/claim your certificate.


    • There is no formal entry requirement.
    • A desire to learn
    • A PC or mobile device

    Course Currilcum

      • Course Overview 00:09:00
      • About Your Instructors 00:03:00
      • Section Overview _ i40F004 00:04:00
      • Current Cybersecurity Market 00:09:00
      • The 3 Types of Hackers 00:05:00
      • The 4 Elements of Security 00:05:00
      • Ethical Hacking Terminology 00:04:00
      • Common Methods of Hacking 00:08:00
      • Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Overview 00:03:00
      • Ethical Hacking vs Pentration Testing 00:06:00
      • Jobs Opportunities in Cybersecurity 00:02:00
      • Who’s This Course For 00:02:00
      • Networking Section Overview 00:12:00
      • How Data Travels Across The Internet 00:02:00
      • Understanding Ports and Protocols 00:09:00
      • Public and Private IP Address Overview 00:03:00
      • What Are Subnets 00:03:00
      • The Average Network vs Remote Based 00:06:00
      • Hacking Lab Section Overview 00:09:00
      • Understanding Virtual Machines 00:04:00
      • Setup Your Kali Linux Machine 00:10:00
      • VN Setup and Testing Vulnerable Systems 00:24:00
      • Linux+Python+Bash+Powershell Basics Overview 00:06:00
      • Linux Basics 00:11:00
      • Working With Directories and Moving Files 00:03:00
      • Installing and Updating App File 00:03:00
      • Linux Text Editors 00:05:00
      • Searching For Files 00:03:00
      • Bash Scripting 00:10:00
      • Python Basics 00:11:00
      • Remaining Anonymous Section Overview 00:07:00
      • TOR Browser Overview 00:06:00
      • Anonsurf Overview 00:04:00
      • Changing Mac Addresses 00:03:00
      • Using a Virtual Private Network and Server (VPN, VPS) 00:05:00
      • WiFi Hacking Section Overview 00:06:00
      • Wifi Hacking System Setup 00:10:00
      • WEP Hacking Attack #1 00:09:00
      • WEP Hacking Attack #2 00:05:00
      • WPA and WPA2 Hacking 00:11:00
      • Reconnaissance Section Overview 00:04:00
      • Passive + Active Recon 00:02:00
      • Recon-ng Overview 00:15:00
      • Whois Enum 00:02:00
      • DNS Enumeration Overview 00:03:00
      • Netcraft DNS Information 00:03:00
      • Google Hacking Overview 00:05:00
      • Shodanio Overview 00:03:00
      • Securityheaderscom (Analyze HTTPS Headers of website) 00:02:00
      • Ssllabscomssltest (Look for SSL issues on website) 00:03:00
      • Pastebincom (Sensitive Information) 00:01:00
      • NMAP Port Scanning (Discover open ports, OS, Services, 00:16:00
      • Netcat Overview + SMB _ NFS Enumeration 00:15:00
      • Nikto and Sparta Web Application Scanner 00:06:00
      • SMPT Enumeration + Nessus +Openvas Scanners 00:05:00
      • Launching Attacks Overview 00:11:00
      • Analyzing Information Gathered 00:04:00
      • Taking Advantage of Telenet 00:07:00
      • Searching and Understanding Exploits 00:06:00
      • Copy Exploits From Searchsploit 00:03:00
      • Understanding Exploits 00:05:00
      • Launching Exploits 00:25:00
      • Brute Force Attacks 00:07:00
      • How To Crack Passwords 00:05:00
      • ARP Spoofing Overview 00:22:00
      • Introduction To Cryptography 00:14:00
      • Post Exploitation Section Overview 00:04:00
      • Privledge Escalation 00:30:00
      • Transferring Files Within Victim, Creating Custom Malware +Evading AV 00:28:00
      • Installing a Keylogger 00:03:00
      • Installing a Backdoor 00:07:00
      • Website and Web App Hacking Overview 00:07:00
      • Web Application Scanning 00:08:00
      • Directory Buster Hacking Tool 00:03:00
      • Nikto Web App Hacking Tool 00:04:00
      • SQLmap and SQL Ninja Overview 00:01:00
      • How To Execute Brute Force Attacks 00:14:00
      • Using Command Injection 00:04:00
      • Malicious File Uploads 00:11:00
      • Local and Remote File Inclusion 00:11:00
      • SQL Injection 00:19:00
      • Using Cross Site Forgery 00:11:00
      • Cross Site Scripting Overview 00:13:00
      • Mobile Phone Hacking Section Overview 00:11:00
      • Mobile Attack Vectors 00:02:00
      • Mobile Hacking with URLs 00:03:00
      • Jail Breaking and Rooting Considerations 00:01:00
      • Privacy Issues (Geo Location) 00:01:00
      • Mobile Phone Data Security 00:03:00
      • Getting Your Name Out There Section Overview 00:03:00
      • Building A Brand 00:10:00
      • Personal Branding 00:14:00
      • Setup Your Website and Blog 00:12:00
      • Writing a Book 00:10:00
      • Starting a Podcast 00:09:00
      • Networking Overview 00:07:00
      • Making Money Section Overview 00:02:00
      • Bug Bounty Programs 00:05:00
      • How To Start Freelancing 00:11:00
      • How To Start Client Consulting 00:10:00
      • Potential Salary and Cybersecurity Roadmap 00:11:00
      • Book Recomendations 00:03:00
      • Places to Practice Hacking for Free 00:04:00
      • Taking Advantage of Telenet 00:07:00
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